Workplace Injuries

It’s all too common for corporations to take advantage of injured workers. Without adequate legal representation, many employees are stuck trying to manage their injury and its severe impact on their families while attempting to find the time and energy to hold the negligent company accountable. Many insurance claims are skewed in favor of the corporations, ignoring the pain and financial difficulties that you and your family now face.

Without the support of a strong legal team, too many workers are wrongly minimized in the compensation process. Without compensation packages that support their family’s needs, many people are put into difficult situations where they need to force themselves to choose between working while injured or going without the basic living staples that support their health and dignity.

When our team works with you, we won’t settle for “just enough” to close a case. We aggressively pursue every aspect of the law designed to protect you from this all-too-common form of exploitation. Having powerful legal representation can transform hardship and pain into peace of mind with the knowledge that you and your family will have what you need while you recover.

  • Knowing that your attorney is committed to taking your case to trial will often encourage insurance companies to deal more fairly with you, which enables us to pursue the level of compensation that will really make a difference for you. It will also discourage them from delaying and using other tactics to withhold your rightful benefits.
  • Having our experienced legal team representing you means that you can focus on the important part, recovery, while having the reassurance that we are advocating forcefully for you with insurance and court.

What Can I Do When I Am Injured At Work?

  • Report the incident to your supervisor and your union, if you are affiliated with one, as soon as the injury occurs. Many people assume that when you don’t need medical attention immediately, you shouldn’t report an incident. A twisted ankle might seem minor in the moment, but when you wake up the next morning and you find it swollen and unusable, many companies will claim that it is unrelated to the workplace injury since it was not reported that day.
  • Put everything you can in writing. When you have an injury, write down what happened and where you were, and have any available witnesses sign. Even well-meaning supervisors can be forgetful of important details later on when it counts the most. Support yourself by documenting any relevant information, such as working conditions, where the injury occurred and who was there to see it happen.

Contact Cox, Cox, Filo, Camel & Wilson so we can advocate for you as soon as possible. Our dedicated team will study your case and bring their expertise together to support you. The sooner we take action, the sooner you can get the compensation you deserve.

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