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135 Years of Experience, Hundreds of Millions in Awards

Multiple cases of class action settlements for Hospital bill pay litigation against bill Review Company totaling $285 Million dollars.

$262 Million class judgment for medical providers

Our firm, as lead counsel, obtained a judgment of $262 million in favor of a class of Louisiana health care providers due to violation of the Louisiana PPO Act. This judgment was affirmed by the Intermediate Court of Appeal. The plaintiff class represented by our firm included over 2,000 Louisiana hospitals, physicians, chiropractors, therapists, and other health care professionals.

Over $260 Million collected to date in medical provider settlements

As lead counsel, our firm has to date recovered more than $260 million in class settlements for underpaid medical bills in violation of the Louisiana PPO statute. This litigation continues and additional judgments and settlements continue to be obtained.

$26 Million jury verdict

Our firm’s Lake Charles personal injury attorneys represented an eleven-year-old girl rendered quadriplegic when a train broadsided the van in which she was the passenger. The jury awarded her over $26 million. The Louisiana Supreme Court reduced the damages to $16,528,722.

Even after the reduction, this award is the highest personal injury award reported in Louisiana history. The firm proved that the railroad crossing was unreasonably dangerous because trees and bushes blocked the driver’s view on approach to the crossing and that the railroad should have cleared the obstructions and installed gates and flashing lights.

$23 Million toxic tort settlement

Our firm represented 57 workers exposed at the same dock facility during cleanup operations for a chemical spill. We recovered $23 million in total for our clients for injuries caused by exposure to the chemical agent.

$17.5 Million class settlement for underpaid cancer policyholders

Our firm served as class counsel for a nationwide class of cancer policyholders who had been underpaid due to the insurance companies’ improper interpretation of its own policies. The class was able to recover a significant portion of the alleged underpayments that had spanned over a decade. Additionally, the firm negotiated a premium freeze that benefited all cancer policyholders, including those who had never made a claim.

$15.3 Million collected for a local Stevedore company under a racketeering lawsuit stemming from a 5.56 million dollar contractual dispute

$10.8 Million Dollar Jury verdict

Our firm was hired by a woman who was rear-ended by a delivery truck driver. Our client suffered spinal cord injury, paraplegia, and other catastrophic injuries because of the accident. We received a $10.8 million dollar jury verdict.

$10.5 Million settlement for offshore commercial dive tender

Our firm’s Lake Charles offshore attorney recovered $10.5 million in a settlement, in addition to payment of maintenance and cure, for a commercial dive tender injured in a crane accident aboard a vessel operating offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. The dive tender was crushed between the crane and an air-winch and suffered injuries to his rectum, perineum, hips, and abdomen.

$8.5 Million settlement for toxic air release

The firm represented 350 families exposed to sulfur dioxide released from a nearby oil refinery. We advised our clients to opt-out of a class action filed against the refinery and filed individual lawsuits for each family. The firm obtained settlements for our clients for $8.5 million total, resulting in recoveries to our client of several times the amount recovered the class action plaintiffs who failed to opt-out of the class. Our clients received between $5,000 and $10,000 each, while most of the class-action plaintiffs received an average of $300.

$7.9 Million jury verdict

Our firm’s Lake Charles personal injury attorney represented a man exposed to a chemical agent while working for a contractor providing construction services to a dock facility. Although handled initially as a workers’ compensation claim, an investigation revealed that the dock facility had failed to inform the man’s employer of a chemical spill that had recently been discovered in the area where our client and his crew were working.

The firm filed suit against the dock facility and a nearby chemical plant and recovered $1.8 million in settlement from the dock facility operator. In a trial against the chemical plant, our firm proved it released millions of pounds of the chemical agent that contaminated the dock facility, resulting in injuries. The jury awarded the man and his wife $980,000 in compensatory damages. The jury also awarded our client and a co-worker who was exposed on the same day $7 million in punitive damages.

$7.6 Million jury verdict for wrongful death

For the daughter of an electrical transmission line worker who tragically sustained fatal injuries caused by the helicopter operator.

$6.5 Million recovered for victims of a Ponzi scheme

The Ponzi scheme ran through a financial institution.  The Law Firm’s clients recovered 100% of the amounts they had invested in the fraudulent scheme, even after attorney’s fees and expenses were deducted, leaving the clients with no out of pocket losses.

$6.5 Million recovered for defrauded investors

The firm represented thirty investors who lost money on annuity contracts due to the misrepresentations of a stockbroker. The defendants paid over $6 million after the firm arbitrated three of the claims.

$5.56 Million dollar Judgement

Dispute ruled against local Stevedoring Company in a commercial breach of contract.

5.2 Million collected to date in court judgments against a local refinery for victims of exposure to the refineries massive oil spill.

$5 Million recovery for jointly representing a worker who was burned with hot liquid while working in a local refinery.

$5 Million auto defect settlement

Our firm’s Lake Charles auto accident attorney represented a 4-year-old boy who suffered a severe brain injury in a low-speed automobile collision. The boy’s family originally hired another lawyer who settled the case for $10,000, the limit of liability coverage for the other driver. The first lawyer advised the parents that no more money could be recovered. The family then hired The Cox Law Firm. The firm filed suit against the manufacturer of the automobile in which the young boy was a passenger. The firm proved that the automobile was not crashworthy and that the boy would not have been injured if the automobile had been properly designed and manufactured. The firm recovered $5 million for the family in a settlement with the manufacturer.

$3.75 Million for On the job injury

Our firm recovered $3.475 million dollars on behalf of an oil field worker injured on the job. Our client sustained numerous broken bones after being crushed by a load weighing several thousand pounds, which fell from a forklift.

$3.4 Million for 18 wheeler accident

The firm’s Lake Charles 18-wheeler attorney represented a man who was seriously injured when he was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer rig.

$3.5 Million settlement for chemical exposure

The firm represented a man exposed to benzene through his work as a truck driver/tank gauger collecting natural gas condensate from oil and gas leases throughout southwest Louisiana. The firm proved at trial that the man suffered from chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) caused by his exposure to benzene. This is the first reported legal decision linking CML to benzene exposure. The firm recovered $3.5 million in damages from the lease operators for failure to warn of the dangers of exposure to benzene. The man still is collecting workers’ compensation benefits.

$3.4 Million dollar jury verdict awarded against a construction company after $800,000 offer was rejected at trial by the family.

$3 Million settlement for burn victim

The law firm represented a plant worker who suffered third-degree burns to his face and body. The firm recovered over $3 million for the man and his family.

$3.2 Million recovery for a parochial elementary school

The school received recovery in connection with defective construction of the school annex.  The Law Firm secured funding to repair the school and then collected more than twice the repair amount by pursuing a bad faith claim against the contractors bonding and insurance companies.

$2.5 Million inadequate security settlement

The firm represented a 45-year-old man who was shot in the head by a mugger at a railroad station. The man suffered permanent brain damage, hearing loss, and disfigurement. The law firm sought damages against the railroad and the parking lot company for failing to provide the proper security in a known high-crime area. Investigation revealed that the railroad and the parking lot company were aware of the high-crime problem due to numerous prior incidents, had been advised in the past to increase security by hiring more guards, cutting back vegetation to improve sightlines, and increase lighting, but failed to make any of the recommended security improvements. After opening statements at trial, the law firm was able to obtain a settlement of $2.57 million for the client.

$2.9 Million settlement for firefighters’ underpaid wages

Our firm served as class counsel for Lake Charles firefighters. The firm obtained a judgment from the trial court that the City of Lake Charles had unlawfully terminated supplemental pay to the firefighters. The city appealed the judgment, but the firm succeeded in having the judgment upheld by the Intermediate Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court of Louisiana refused to hear the case, and the firm obtained a $2.9 million class-action settlement for the firefighters.

$1.75 Million Motorcycle Accident

Our firm recovered $1.75 million dollar settlement for a motorcycle accident when our client was hit by an automobile who ran a stop sign. Our client suffered several major injuries, including multiple major lower extremity injuries.

Our firm was hired by the wife and 3 children of a man struck and killed in his vehicle by a bus when he proceeded across Highway 105. The man was stopped at a yield sign when he was waived across the highway by an unqualified flagger.

$1.9 Million recovery for Jones Act seaman

The firm’s Lake Charles Jones Act attorney recovered $1.94 million for an offshore worker injured while boarding a crew boat without a gangplank.

$1.2 Million for 18 wheeler accident

The firm recovered $1.2 million for an emergency room physician rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. The doctor suffered a herniated disc in his lower back, requiring surgery.

$1 Million plus recovery for auto accident

Our firm’s Lake Charles car accident attorney was hired by a man who was rear-ended in an on-the-job automobile accident and suffered a mild traumatic brain injury and damage to his cervical spine. We obtained a settlement in excess of $1 million and maintained his right to continue receiving workers’ compensation and Social Security benefits.

$850,000 recovery for car accident

Our Lake Charles car accident attorney represented a man involved in an auto accident who suffered a herniated disc in his neck and a severe closed-head injury. The person at fault for the accident had the minimum liability limits, but the firm recovered $650,000 from the underinsured motorist insurance company that insured the company truck our client was driving at the time of the accident. The man has also collected over $200,000 in workers’ compensation benefits and is still receiving his benefits. This is an example of the hundreds of six-figure personal injury settlements or verdicts the firm has obtained over the last 30 years.

$700,000 jury verdict for offshore worker

Our firm’s Lake Charles offshore attorney represented a roughneck who ruptured a disc in his lower back while pulling drill-pipe slips on an offshore rig. The jury awarded him over $700,000, more than twice the amount offered by the defendants before trial. The law firm proved that the drilling company was negligent for routinely allowing only two men to perform a three-man job. This is an example of the hundreds of six-figure personal injury settlements or verdicts the firm has obtained over the last 30 years.

$685,000 recovery for lung injury to dental technician

The firm represented a dental assistant exposed to beryllium in the course of her employment. As a result, she contracted incurable lung damage. The firm filed suit against the manufacturers of the dental metal alloy she used in her work for failure to warn of the dangers of using the product without proper personal protective equipment. The firm collected over $250,000 in workers’ compensation benefits and recovered $435,000 in settlement from the manufacturers.

$510,000 jury verdict for low back injury

The Lake Charles offshore attorney represented the family of an offshore worker who ruptured a disc in his low back in a helicopter crash. He required surgery to remove the disc. The jury awarded over $510,000. The firm proved at trial that the helicopter engine was defectively designed and/or manufactured and the helicopter transport company had failed to properly maintain the helicopter engine. Before trial, the defendants had offered only half of the jury’s award. This is an example of the hundreds of six-figure personal injury settlements or verdicts the firm has obtained over the last 30 years.

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